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The Colors Of A Sunset

Literally there have been times where the sunset took my breath away. The colors can be so extreme and vivid they can actually take you by surprise. Without an expectation, you suddenly look up to see an amazing visual display. What causes sunsets? Why are some so spectacular others are just fair?   Read more »

Can we make it rain? Cloud Seeding. Does it work?

Cloud seeding is focused primarily on increasing snow pack and precipitation over farmland. The key to cloud seeding is supercooled water.  Supercooled water is a liquid with a temperature below freezing.  Adding silver iodide, liquid nitrogen, or dry ice causes supercooled water droplets to freeze.  As the liquid droplets freeze, the growing ice crystals become heavy and fall to the ground. How is the silver iodide dispersed? Once the ideal weather condition has been determined, dispersal is performed by both ground based generators and aircraft.  Aircraft can be fitted with pyrotechnic flares or dry ice dispersal.     Read more »