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Rain On Your Wedding Day

The goal of weathertab.com is to provide our customers with an actual tool to pick a dry day well in advance of your event.  We can provide you with an "upper hand"; but, there is always the question of what do you do if there is rain?

There is no harm in coming up with a "back-up" plan.  Here is a list of some pre-planning tasks that can help an unplanned rainy day proceed as though it was meant to be.

  • Prepare a rainy day time line considering extra time for travel.

  • Contact your vendors to see how rain could affect their service.  

    • Caterers can help by altering the menu to offset cold weather discomforts.

  • Know where, and how much notice is required, to obtain outdoor tents.
    Your wedding venue may have this option available.

    • On a smaller scale have a supply of plastic tarps that can be used to quickly cover chairs, tables, etc..

  • Consider event insurance.  This would only be used if the event was canceled due to a serious weather event but can protect your investment.

  • Plan for make up and hair styles that can handle rain.  Arrange with your stylist, that in the event of a rainy day, to come to the venue prior to the reception. 

  • Work with your photographer.

    • Plan in times that you could step outside with the photographer in between showers.  

    • Worst case you will want a "back-up" indoor location.

  • Have a plan to prevent mud on outdoor paths.  Options include ground cover (i.e. ,wood chips, hay)

  • Wet Floors can be maintained by having a stockpile of large beach towels.

  • Prepare for the guests needs. 

    • Make sure your guests know the event is outside so they can plan appropriately for their family. 

    • Provide coordinated colorful umbrellas.  

      • These can even be embroidered and given as parting gifts.

    • Matching set of rain boots and umbrellas for the wedding party.

    • Hair dryers, towels, and toiletries in the restrooms