Our team has been providing a long range forecasting service for over fifty years.  The forecasts we publish are completely different than the forecasts commonly available to you.  We take a completely different approach and are designed to be used in a completely different way.  Think of WeatherTAB as one of the many useful tools in your bag. Keep your favorite local weather service but use us for planning after the local media forecasts stop.

For the last 30 years we created a commercially viable service of selling these forecasts to industry and individuals.  The problem was not the profits, but that our team had worked diligently on a forecasting system that was only available to a relatively small amount of people.

For this reason, we have decided to open the doors to the public by making our forecasts available free of charge. Instead of selling you forecasts, we cover our basic costs through advertising.

WeatherTAB provides long range weather forecasts as far as 18 months in advance, with no erosion of accuracy.   Our forecasts are designed to help in planning outdoor activities. They indicate, months in advance, the dates in which there is little risk for rain (or snow).

Vacations, weddings, parties and other events of a personal nature may be planned to avoid weather inconveniences. Similarly, business commitments such as sales promotions, critical construction phases and conferences may be scheduled with the confidence that rain or snow will not interfere and that favorable weather will improve profitability.

Our History

WeatherTAB long range weather forecasts are the result of a 50 year, privately sponsored research program which began in 1964.

Paul E Ruch came out of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) with several exciting concepts on improving the existing weather forecasting system.  As the head of the  Meteorology Department at the California Institute of Technology (CALTECH), Paul had an unprecedented opportunity to work with many leaders in his field.

His son, Paul E Ruch II, studied Meteorology at the University of Los Angeles (UCLA).  Paul E Ruch II immediately applied his passion for weather forecasting by serving in the US Air Force as a Weather Officer.

Both Paul E Ruch and his son took their vast knowledge of the pitfalls and successes of the commonly used forecasting system to develop something completely different.  Instead of focusing on the weather of today and tomorrow, their research focused on the weather of the next several months.  Over 50 years of privately funded research allowed them to adjust their methodology until a few months turned into 18 months with an astonishingly high accuracy.

Due to their ability to open new doors in this field, both Paul E Ruch and Paul E Ruch II received the coveted fellowship from the London Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufacturers and Commerce (RSA).

We welcome you to use WeatherTAB forecast to plan all of your weather sensitive activities with greater confidence and success.  Please let us know how you like it and if there are additional features you would like to see.

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