Help and FAQ - Long Range Weather Forecasts

How do I pick the best day for my event?

Try to pick a sunny day with a buffer of sunny days around it. The further you are from a rain cloud, the better.

Do you update the forecasts?

No, our forecasts are completely different than everything else available. All forecasts are produced 18 months in advance and they never change.

Are WeatherTAB forecasts simply a historical average (Climatology)?

No, we use exact calculations of a number of forces that have been proven, through extensive testing, to be acting upon our weather. Think of predicting the ocean's tide levels. The weather is just more complex.

Are you 100% correct?

We wish! After 50 years we have continually improved upon our system but even the best system can fail at points. We provide a unique tool to help you plan weather sensitive tasks.

Why is the WeatherTAB forecast different than other forecasts?

Our methodology is unlike any other forecasting system. WeatherTAB is designed to plan future events. We recommend using your local media forecasts for today and tomorrow and WeatherTAB for more than a week out.

What is the difference between the graph and the calendar?

The calendar is a quick overview of the month. The graph is a detailed analysis of the month with details available by hovering over a specific day.

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